Living in a world of color, I assign personalities to colors and colors to people based on personality. Orange is mellow yet upbeat. Periwinkle is quirky and sweet. Red is masculine and dominant. Blue is calm yet bubbly. Whenever describing my ideas on color and personality, others debate with their own interpretations and nuances. Not only have these conversations revealed that we all read color uniquely, but it appears that we favor colors based on the personalities or qualities we assigned them. Through color, people are able to express themselves and their personalities to others. 

In this series, I asked each individual to choose a color that they believe best represents their personality. Styling the set with this color, I photographed them. Alongside their portrait is a photograph of their possessions or living space taken without their insight to reveal which colors they chose to represent them in everyday life. The pairings compare what color each person thinks represents them versus the colors they collect and surround themselves with. 

Whether the possessions match the chosen color or not either supports or combats the idea that we surround ourselves with people, places, and things that remind us of ourselves, or implicit egotism. In this way, color is a tool for self expression or the control of other's ideas about oneself.